hall reception caffetteria albori ratio leva design international millennio
  • hall Hall
  • reception Reception
  • caffetteria Caffetteria
  • albori Albori
  • ratio Epoca Razionalista
  • leva L'invenzione della leva
  • design Sotto le bandiere del design
  • international La dimensione internazionale
  • millennioL'ingresso nel nuovo millennio

The museum’s collection (about 200 machines) is laid out in six rooms, each telling a part of the history of the 20th century. The idea was to offer a complete picture of how the design and technology of the professional coffee-making machine has evolved from its beginnings to the present day.

MUMAC doesn’t just display its machines though: each room reproduces the typical atmosphere of that time, with the appropriate furnishings, background music and period prints. Along the route, the visitor can take advantage of multi-media devices (monitors and touchscreen displays) giving extra information about the cultural and historical context.

True collector’s items in themselves, design pieces, furnishing items for bars and top class restaurants, symbols of artistic and cultural periods and styles – these coffee-making machines have made their own contribution to the exportation of that all-Italian tendency towards aesthetics, style and, of course, taste.

A unique historical path leading you through 6 rooms, starting with the oldest models right up to the most recent.