For students of every age, a visit to the Museum should be an educational experience; a spur to light up the child’s curiosity and help develop a critical eye on society and the world. And so MUMAC becomes a place of “education” outside the classroom – a place where you can acquire “knowledge” and “know-how”; it conveys across-the-board goals and skills, helping you to learn and grow. The story of the last 100 years is the backdrop for the evolution of coffee-making machines: history, literature, physics, technology, art and design can be tackled and developed on the basis of “alternative” contents. The educational programme offers the chance to discover the Museum, with its collections and historical archive, by means of guided, interactive tours, practical labs (using the hands-on method), workshops, and personalised events designed to meet the specific needs of students and teachers. Our activities are all based on innovative methodologies like story-telling, guided discovery and active learning. MUMAC is launching an educational-teaching project aimed at schools of every type and level:

Primary schools
Middle schools
Secondary schools

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