The present requires care in the archaic sense of responsibility for how we regard today in order to face tomorrow. We lived through months of lack: lack of normality, lack of contact, lack of simple acts like chatting over coffee. However, we have learned, thanks to the lack of these things, to appreciate what is present, especially when it demonstrates intention and participation, because it becomes a real tribute to the res publica..

It seems like a virtuous circle, but even the vaccine can be understood as the expression of a choice that allows us to rediscover the sense of the present. An example of this is the proposal to accommodate a Covid-19 vaccination centre right within the curved structure of MUMAC.
Maurizio Cimbali, President of the Group, commented: “It was a spontaneous decision shared by the whole family because we are aware that the collective commitment with which we have worked over the last year testifies to an awareness that the common good increasingly takes priority over everything else. The desire to make our Coffee Machine Museum available to the community has been a tangible opportunity for us to ensure that the vaccine is administered as quickly as possible, so that we can reach a stage at which a high percentage of the population is vaccinated and start to return to normality.”

Normality that can no longer be taken for granted, but is being rediscovered rooted in the territory through close, warm and vital experiences, deeply immersed in everyday life.

Expressed as a ritual and embraced as a social act, coffee reinforces the sense of the present in its place of culture and the hope of building a future together in which we can recognise ourselves.

“Since the founding of the museum here in Binasco,” commented Mayor Riccardo Benvegnù, “Gruppo Cimbali has demonstrated the importance of collaborating on multiple levels to enhance a shared place. Because doing good benefits not only the hundreds of people who are vaccinated every day in a place of unquestionable beauty, but above all because it demonstrates in concrete terms that coffee history is an integral part of our culture. Consider how many businesses have developed over a coffee, literary like espresso, a symbol of relationships, contact, the possibility of spending time together enjoying moments of conviviality, reflection and creativity. Today, more than ever, coffee is about coming together again.”

This enlightened thought is echoed in the words of Maurizio Cimbali: “I believe that it is up to every one of us, at this dramatic time that we have experienced and are experiencing, to offer whatever help and support we can in order to overcome this long and very challenging period.

Now more than ever, after long periods of isolation and remote work, we feel the need to reconnect with normality.  The ritual of drinking coffee at the bar is one of the most significant and typical social moments. We have felt its absence, we have rediscovered the ability to bring out the best in each of us because human resourcefulness goes beyond what we think.” 

The ability to offer more than what we imagine is evident in the enthusiasm for investing in social enterprise, in spite of these difficult times. Or perhaps – as was the case in the Second World War – it is actually thanks to these difficult times. Because business today is about sharing a culture of solidarity and participation, rather than looking inward and focusing on losses. It is about offering Italian excellence in the region and promoting it all over the world. It is about transforming ourselves to become increasingly sustainable, capitalising on technological innovations without ever losing sight of human value, full of awareness and attention to others.

“Accommodating the needs of others in order to meet them as effectively as possible,” concludes Maurizio Cimbali, “has always been central to our work. I still remember Sunday mornings with my father visiting the premises of our main customers, from Alemagna to Zucca. There I learned the importance of being able to promptly respond to any needs. The same continuous search in our products, from LaCimbali to Faema, for high-quality, digital and eco-friendly solutions reflects the strength of our commitment to offering our customers excellence and perfection. But also relationships and knowledge: opening the Museum to visitors, while keeping the vaccination hub running, is another important step towards sharing the best, conscious that we still have a lot to do.”

These are lessons. Life lessons that teach the value of proactiveness and resilience, as well as the courage to be critical of ourselves and never settle for what we have learned. The job is worth half the work. The other half is rediscovering ourselves as present people, true expressions of a community that can only be reborn stronger than before if we join together.


by Margherita Pogliani, content and story contributor.