Il museo di casa Cimbali vince l’Elefantino d’oro del Festival Italiano degli eventi e della Live Communication 2018, nella categoria BLA

“Moderno, innovativo, interattivo. Ma con un cuore e un’anima aperta e definita”. Così è apparso MUMAC ai giurati del Bea – Festival Italiano degli Eventi e della Live Communication 2018, che hanno premiato il museo come miglior location per eventi culturali, musicali e sportivi.

A confermare l’unicità della struttura è stata anche Sabrina Corti, Project Manager di Next Group, che ha trionfato ai Best Event Awards 2018 vincendo, tra 289 iscritti, il primo premio assoluto e alcuni degli Elefantini d’oro più ambiti: miglior evento, migliore agenzia, migliori direttori creativi.

The heart of MUMAC
“I was very impressed by the presentation by MUMAC’s curator, Barbara Foglia, who brought the Cimbali Group’s museum to life, presenting it as a dynamic, stimulating and engaging place and providing us a first-hand insight into the history that it preserves and the culture that it is committed to handing down. Today, we increasingly need places, people and situations capable of welcoming with an elegant, graceful approach, simultaneously revealing strong values,” commented Sabrina Corti.

Best Event for Next Group
The event was a great success for MUMAC and for Next Group, which was the undisputed star of the 15th edition of the ADC Group award for the events industry, thanks to the “Open up to a new breed” launch of the Ferrari Portofino, where the unveiling of Ferrari’s new masterpiece, which took place in the ideal, unique setting of the Ligurian village of Portofino, was presented by the agency on a floating stage in the sea. This creative, complex event features a hyper-technological screen facing the village, lit by a light show, and provided the background for the new Ferrari, which came on stage framed by Portofino, whose square was exclusively “set” for a large gala dinner. “In addition to our in-house team, over 200 people were involved, including engineers, divers and technicians from all over Europe, who created this huge platform with us and helped to create a sense of awe and emotion for an extremely sophisticated, demanding public,” remarked Marco Jannarelli, President of Next Group.

Emotional visit
This awe and emotion can also be experienced on a visit to MUMAC and to the temporary “TECHNOLOGY HEART HUMAN MIND” exhibition, which will remain open for a little longer in Hangar 100. It is another way to appreciate hot red curves, exploring the best location in Italy though an extraordinary multisensory experience that allows you to literally immerse yourself in the culture of espresso coffee.